American Journalists Pardonned
August 5, 2009, 12:21 am
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Former President Bill Clinton’s mission to North Korea was a success, and U.S. journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling have been pardoned by North Korean officials.Euna Lee and Laura Ling will be coming home.

According to the BBC News, the official North Korean News Agency (KCNA) issued a statement saying, “Kim Jong-il issued an order… granting a special pardon to the two American journalists who had been sentenced to hard labour.” ABC News is reporting the journalists may board a plane for home as early as tonight.

*Source, Care2


The Art of Space Travel
July 23, 2009, 1:12 pm
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guylaliberteCanada will be sending its first “space tourist” on September 30 as part of a three-man supply crew headed for the International Space Station.

The tourist, Guy Laliberté, founder and creative mind behind Crique du Soleil, will be joining NASA astronaut Jeff Williams and Russian pilot Maxim Suraev, and are scheduled to launch on a Russian spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

“I think this is a great, great opportunity of inspiration and I intend to inspire myself as much as possible,” said Laliberté, who is paying the grand sum of approximately $35 million to embark on an inspiration-seeking endeavor.

“I’m not a scientist, I’m not a doctor, I’m not an engineer,” Laliberté said. “I’m an artist, I’m a creator and I’ll try to accomplish this mission with my creativity and what life has given me as a tool.” His fellow astronauts are thrilled to be traveling with a creative mind, because they have a “tendency to look at space in a sterile way,”  and they “hope Laliberté can better articulate what it is to be in space.”

Want To Find Marijuana? There’s An App For That!
July 19, 2009, 11:51 pm
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iPhone applications are very innovative in terms of the use of their technology, wherein you have apps that can find your friends, allow you to play video games, or even get you a job; but now it can be used to find you marijuana.

Apple has recently given permission for the distribution of a new app entitled “Cannabis.” The application’s function is to locate and direct you to the nearest legal marijuana distributor. It may also give you options to protest for the legalization of medicinal marijuana in states where it is not.

Many people are arguing the distribution of the $2.99 app, but the, the application’s producer, is retorting that the aim for the app isn’t only to lead the populous to sources of cannabis, but to promote reform on the laws preventing the use of medicinal marijuana, as they see it to be a viable cause.

Here is a video that explains how the app will work:

Teen Texting Tendinitis
July 18, 2009, 10:38 pm
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Teen textingMore and more teenagers have been checking into hospitals complaining about acute pain in their fingertips, back and forearms, and doctors are calling this new combination of ailments “teen texting tendonitis”.

As a CNN video portrays (for video click HERE) one young girl, averaging 200 texts a day, is suffering from said symptoms and both the girl’s mother and doctor recognize a problem.

Seeing this new medical development you cannot help but think that there have been some sad new-comings in this generation, to the point where arthritic ailments are now affecting young people due to over-zealous texting.

Pope Loses Right Arm… To Fracture.
July 18, 2009, 7:19 pm
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Pope greets hospital staff after surgeryYes, I am being facetious.

Pope Benedict, 82, recently fractured his right arm while away on vacation in Les Combes, an Alpine resort near the French Border.

Benedict had surgery at the hospital of nearby town of Aosta on Friday to set his fractured wrist, but despite this sudden surgery, the pope will not be canceling any of his appearances.

However, God’s seer is most depressed that he didn’t get to write as much as he would have enjoyed while on vacation, such as his memoirs.

*When did something like this become news? HE FRACTURED his wrist, not broke; he’s doing FINE, and he is NOT canceling any plans. This is not news… more like religious gossip, bleh.

Zoos’ Forced Closure; Animals May Be Euthanized
July 12, 2009, 3:35 pm
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It would seem that a pair of Massachusetts zoos are facing forced closure, pressured by the state government, and will have to lay off 165 employees and over 1,000 animals will need to be relocated, some even euthanized.

It is estimated that nearly 20 percent of the animals will not find placement resulting in either having to destroy them, or the care of the animals in perpetuity.

In its 2009 fiscal year budget, Massachusetts alloted $6.5 million; but due to the recession it has been cut down to $2.5 million, which is not enough for certain zoos to remain open.

Zoo New England - Lion“These are extremely difficult times across the state, and there have been tough cuts in every area,” said spokeswoman Cyndi Roy. “This is an example of an unfortunate cut that had to be made in order to preserve core services for families struggling during the economic downturn.”

Employees, owners, and supporters of these zoos facing closure are in a frantic attempt to veto the budget reduction, but it is not yet clear how they will prevail.

Social Worker Posts Craigslist Ad For 9-year-old Girl
July 4, 2009, 8:50 pm
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assaA New York social worker is accused, and facing two misdemeanor charges, for posting a sexually suggestive ad on Craigslist displaying both the name and phone number of a  young nine-year-old girl.

The woman, Margery Tennenbaum, supposedly posted the ad in an act of revenge after an altercation between Tennenbaum’s daughter and the victim.

The ad was said to have read, “I need a little affection… I’m blond, I’m cute and I’ll be waiting.” Browsers who were interested were prompted to call the supplied phone number, and were told the name of the nine-year-old to ask for. However, Craigslisters were not told the age of girl who “posted” the ad.

Authorities were eventually able to trace the ad back to Tennenbaum’s home computer.

The mother of the targeted young girl said she intercepted a total of 40 calls from various men.

The child’s mother went on to describe one of the intercepted calls.

She said, “This is her mother, Can I help you?” to which the man replied, “Oh, hot lady lives with foxy momma?” The man hung up when the mother told him that the “hot girl” he was looking for was a nine-year-old girl.

To conclude her interview with authorities, the mother said, “It’s scary to think that someone would take any issue and attack your child.”

*source: CNN news – rewritten